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About Us

The Purpose


  1. To respond to the needs of consumers by striving to provide the finest real estate service in the world, based on the highest standard of ethics, values and client care.
  2. To protect all honest consumers from financial and emotional mistakes when selling or buying real estate.
  3. To constantly inform consumers of the risks and dangers in real estate.


  1. To enhance the businesses and careers of agents as a direct consequence of their commitment to ethics, consumer protection and client care.
  2. To enable the best agents to enjoy a sense of meaning and pride in their profession which, in turn, enhances their personal lives.


  1. To make a meaningful contribution to our society, both in local communities and throughout our nation and our world by making regular financial or personal contributions to people or causes in need of assistance.
  2. To be good corporate citizens by setting an example of integrity and ethics in the business community.

These were exerts from Real Estate Consumer Protection Advocate. Man who singlehandedly created new breed of agents with a difference. Unique and unparalleled training system based on high moral and ethical values. Loved and welcomed by ethical and proud people in the business. Needless to say, large group of agents unsuccessfully tried to sabotage his mission.  We know who are those others, others to whom 90% (Morgan Poll Research) of general public don’t trust, by experiencing it personally or knowing someone with bad experience dealing with them. Neal Jenman education system created number of Trusted Real Estate Professional who put their clients’ interests ahead of their own and today making the difference throughout Australasia. I personally have worked in Janman Approved real estate office and experienced the difference. As a business owner I’m looking forward continuing implementing high ethical standards of client care and proud of implementing Real Estate Agency Management Program. Visit:  www.jenman.com.au    www.pittard.com.au

Dane Andrijevic