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Open For Hiring

We're Always open for Hiring

If you have made attempts to enter the real estate industry, you may have become familiar with the expression, We don t need anybody right now . This statement is likely to be made by managers who have been so badly hurt by traditional hiring methods that they have become sceptical.

With a high proportion of new people entering the industry failing, and with many experienced people having horribly ingrained bad habits, it is not surprising that real estate managers don t relish the thought of hiring sales staff.

Most managers fear the thought of hiring and avoid it where possible. You may be thinking, "I m good, and I m ready to do whatever it takes to succeed. How can they say they don t need me?"

Most offices operating with the Real Estate Agency Management Program are always open for hiring. In these offices, recruitment is ongoing. There are set days when they conduct interviews. A potential applicant need only ask, "When is your interview day?"

If you are considering real estate either now, or at some time in the future, the leader of an office using the Real Estate Agency Management Program will always be happy to speak with you.

An important aspect of the hiring process is that it allows both the office and the candidate to preview each other before a permanent decision is made.