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As the real estate industry entered the 21st Century it did not enjoy a good standing in the community.

Morgan Group surveys published yearly in The Bulletin revealed that on average only eight people in one hundred regarded real estate agents as honest and ethical. This means that ninety two people in one hundred have had bad experiences with real estate agents. This is not a record to be proud of. And there is no sign of improvement.

This reputation is often undeserved. The real estate industry has many fine and honest people and can be a wonderful industry in which to enjoy a career. Poor systems and outdated practices, however, have led to widespread public disdain.

Within the industry things are not much better. Apart from those brief periods when the property market is booming, many real estate agencies, and the salespeople working in them, struggle to survive.

For more than a decade at one training course, a teacher advised his students, "In twelve months most of you will be out of the real estate industry. And those of you who remain will not be making much money." How inspiring!

It does not have to be this way.

You are invited to consider a career with a different type of real estate agency one that believes salespeople should be well trained in selling skills and client care. These agencies are at various stages of implementing the Real Estate Agency Management Program, developed by the Pittard Training Group.

These companies are not perfect, but they are attempting to become businesses that are shining examples in their communities. To achieve this aim they are constantly on the lookout for good people, who are willing to learn how to sell real estate in a manner that puts the client, not the agent, first.

If you are a person like this we would welcome the opportunity to meet you.