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New People Are Needed

New People are Needed
Traditionally, the real estate industry preferred to hire experienced people only. Not so with agencies that use the Real Estate Agency Management Program.

Agents using this program prefer people with NO experience. These agents teach newcomers selling skills that range from the basics through to the most advanced stages. In particular, they believe that pre-start training is vitally important to success.

For many years, there was a belief that a person could enter real estate with little or no skills training and quickly master the strategies and succeed. Horrendous staff losses and the abysmal levels of income received by salespeople hired under traditional methods are proof that these hit and miss methods don t work.

The success rate of salespeople who use the sales programs from the Real Estate Agency Management Program is far in excess of industry averages. These methods are proven; it is only the people who are now on trial .

People who have the following characteristics are most likely to do well:
  • No real estate experience
  • A stable history of employment
  • Own, or are purchasing, property
  • Are of excellent character
  • With these characteristics, many people can succeed provided they work hard and are constantly learning. Desire is still the key.

People from all age groups and backgrounds are NOW enjoying successful real estate careers within agencies that are implementing the Real Estate Agency Management Program.

As in life, the character of a person is the true measure of their success.