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Good Secure Salaries Are Essential

Agents using the Real Estate Agency Management Program are confident. They know that provided they hire the right people and teach the right skills, the chances of success are excellent. For this reason they are prepared to back their own judgment by ensuring that all sales staff are paid a good salary. This breaks tradition .

Many other agents remunerate salespeople either by commission only or through a pay back retainer (advances against commissions).

The Real Estate Agency Management Program is vehemently opposed to such schemes, believing they indicate that most agents are incapable of training their people to succeed. To hire almost anybody and hope things will work out is absurd.

In most cases things don t work out. Salespeople can struggle for many months on pitiful levels of income only to leave the industry feeling disillusioned. The industry not only loses many potentially successful people with these payment schemes, but it also fails to attract the right calibre of people in the beginning.

Thousands of people are unwilling to enter real estate due to the lack of a guaranteed minimum wage. Traditional pay schemes are one of the underlying causes for the bad reputation suffered by agents. How can the real estate industry expect to attract the best people if it offers some of the worst conditions in the beginning?

Offices using the Real Estate Agency Management Program won t just hire anybody, nor will they allow the permanent hiring of any person until they have successfully completed a number of interviews, training programs and a series of comprehensive tests.

It is NOT easy to secure a position in an agency using the Real Estate Agency Management Program.

The personal and financial rewards in an office using this program are high. The base salary package is $77,000 which excludes bonuses. Included in the salary package is a $3,000 training and education benefit.

Bonuses are based on sales performance and can easily equal the base salary. Salespeople are expected to earn at least $120,000 annually in personal income. There are many earning well over $200,000 per annum.